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Cloud Computing 101 – Cloud vs. Local (Part III)

January 30, 2012


In our first two series of this topic we discussed what the cloud is and security.  You can find those stories here: Cloud Computing 101 – Introduction (Part I) Cloud Computing 101 – Security (Part II) In this installment let’s look at the differences between cloud and local computing. In its simplest form cloud computing […]

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Raven Cloud Computing announces the launch of our new website

January 20, 2012


Raven Cloud Computing launched a new website to create a professional one-stop-solution for cloud computing that includes online file storage, online data backup, Microsoft exchange hosting, hosted desktop, online file server, hosted FTP server, hosted application server, hosted file server, online data collaboration tools, online document storage, online backup, web hosting, web design, ecommerce hosting, […]

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