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Old Technology and Moving to the Cloud

June 28, 2012

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When should you recycle old computers, servers, routers, switches. firewalls and software? When should you move to the cloud, should you move to the cloud? Those are tough questions. The answer is different for every company, but there are some variables that every company can benefit from. While visiting the mall this week I stopped by […]

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Windows 8 – Does it belong in your workplace?

April 23, 2012


Last Friday during a client conference call I was asked if Windows 8 should be considered for their workplace.  There is a lot of discussion about Microsoft’s newest OS. Currently nobody has a definitive answer regarding it’s validity in the workplace . If someone tells you they do, then they obviously do not know what […]

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Best Practices for making the move to the Cloud (Part I)

March 12, 2012


As a Management and Business Consultant plus a vCIO, (“Virtual” or “Interim” Chief Information Officer) for many companies, I am constantly called upon to aid clientele with various business projects. Over the past three weeks I have worked with several companies to spearhead their migration to the cloud. Some have been very simple, whereas a couple […]

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