Cloud myths disspelled

September 20, 2012

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For almost four years now – Raven Cloud Computing has been working to bring you the best cloud tools available. We have many products and services and our customers enjoy the freedom to use our services and use us as an extension of the IT staff. At the risk of sounding like an advertisement or a call to action I want to list the cloud tools we offer, they are:

For the most part – you can run your entire business inside the cloud without having to purchase expensive hardware and software. We have built our offerings with small business in mind making them affordable and easy to use. However this does not mean that enterprise businesses cannot take advantage of these tools too. As an added bonus – we provide free technical support for our products.

OK – the advertisement is over. The reason I wanted to list our services is because of two reasons.

First – I believe we offer a complete office solution instead of one offs here and there.

Second – There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about cloud computing out there and I want to set the record straight.

Last week I was speaking to a potential customer who had fears about moving to the cloud because of everything she has heard. She is not sure what to believe and because of that uncertainty is paralyzed.

So does the cloud deliver a better alternative to your on-premise environment? Chances are really good it can. Let’s look at a few myths and dispel any misconceptions.

This is by far the number one fear and most misunderstood myth out there. First let me state this – in any networking environment there are routers, switches, firewalls, servers and applications. Each of these have their own security measures. In the cloud we have these devices too – therefore security in the cloud holds the very same accommodations to be no less secure than your on-premise network.

However in the cloud we have additional layers of security with specific attention to access. We are able to control the who, what, where, how and even when your information is accessed. To top that off – we have a full-time staff that monitors security, chances are pretty good you do not.

In terms of dependability – the cloud unjustifiably gets a bad wrap. Because of outages experienced at Amazon and Microsoft people think all cloud providers are susceptible to outages as well. This may have some truth to it – however no more than your own on-premise network does and in the cloud we have data redundancy and recovery built-in with multiple data centers and regularly scheduled backups. Again – chances are real good you don’t have redundancy or multiple data centers – let alone recent backups of your data.

Migrating Data is Difficult
This really depends on what you are migrating to the cloud. When choosing a cloud service provider, it is important to select one that takes an active role in the migration process. Many cloud providers have migration services available or built-in to their service offerings.

Too Expensive
Many believe cloud cost are just too much – which is simply not true. As a matter of fact – in most cases it is far less to use the cloud and all it’s resources than trying to build an in-house solution yourself. Read this past article regarding a breakdown of local verses cloud cost.

In closing – Cloud computing is here to stay, and will be a key driver to help you grow your business. To ensure success, businesses need the cloud, and to take the necessary steps to maximize the cloud’s value for their business.

We can provide a Free Technical Assessment, this can be beneficial to new and startup companies that are not sure where to start. You can always find our cloud and hosted services in the right column of this page or by simply going to our website at Raven Cloud Computing.

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