Preparing your company for a disaster

September 17, 2012

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What would happen if the power goes out in your workplace for a prolonged period of time? Just last week, it happened –  in San Diego. A massive blackout lasting more than 15 hours turned the lights and power out on 1.4 million residents and businesses.

So what will happen when a disaster occurs to your company? Are you prepared? There are lots of reasons you can lose your information and data. Some occur by mother nature while others are caused by human actions.

  • Floods – over 40 floods have happened in the US this year so far
  • Tornadoes – mid 2012 numbers show 416 tornadoes have passed through the USA
  • Hurricanes – as of Sunday evening, AccuWeather is tracking three  hurricanes. We have heard and seen the damages of Isaac, Andrew and Katrina
  • Power Outages – cost $80 billion per year
  • Fires – 1.6 millions files
  • Earthquakes – Not just in California, Virgina was shaken by a 5.8
  • magnitude quake.
  • Human Error – this number is too difficult to calculate because many
  • businesses do not report incidents
  • Virus and Trojans – as of mid 2012 there were over 17 million viruses

Many companies have a disaster recovery (DR) plan in place, however only a few have actually executed a test run to validate the plan.

Many companies have learned their plans are flawed or inadequate.

Cost is a huge factor, many companies – especially small businesses just cannot bear the cost of redundant systems and duplicate data centers.

Many businesses are turning to the cloud for a faster disaster recovery option. Cloud providers such as Raven Cloud Computing are more prepared to handle a disaster with multiply data centers and partners to manage the disaster for you.

As companies learn more about the cloud they begin to transition some of their data to the cloud. At first, they migrate their archived data which is not mission critical. As they begin to feel more comfortable with the cloud and realize the security is rigid because of many layers of security built-in. In some cases cloud security can be even more stringent than the customers in-house security. Today we have customer with mission critical applications on our cloud.

If you are preparing to, or in the process of reviewing your (DR) disaster recovery plan – you should be looking at the cloud.

We can provide a Free Technical Assessment, this can be beneficial to new and startup companies that are not sure where to start. You can always find our cloud and hosted services in the right column of this page or by simply going to our website at Raven Cloud Computing.

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