Let the hacking begin…

OK – maybe not hacking yet, but certainly mayhem. This coming July 9, 2012 marks yet another memorable date for the DNSChanger malware virus. Users have until next Monday (July 9 2012) to update and run their anti-virus and anti-malware programs to remove the DNSChanger malware.

This will affect PC and MAC computers alike. The good news is this malware is known and therefore easily repaired by your security software. If you lose your Internet on Monday – shame on you for not taken the necessary steps to stop it.

If you will recall (Our article “A major Trojan Horse is lurking – coming soon to a computer near you” dated February 23, 2012 THIS ARTICLE IS A MUST READ – IT HAS IMPORTANT INFORMATION YOU NEED) the malware would redirect computers to hacker-created websites. The DNSChanger also prevented computers from updating or using anti-virus software, leaving them vulnerable to even more malicious software.

In one of the biggest cyber-security takedowns ever, last November the FBI arrested six Estonian nationals that allegedly ran the fraud, and seized the rogue DNS servers where computers were being redirected. The FBI has put up alternate servers in place, but only for a limited time. The FBI had planned to take these servers down on March 8 2012 but extended that date for four months to July 9, 2012.

If users don’t rid themselves of DNSChanger before the July 9 server shutdown, they will lose the Internet and will have to manually load anti-virus software on their computers, probably by disk, DVD or USB drive and run the virus/malware checkers.

To find out if you are infected, visit the DNSChanger checker website which checks the DNS resolution of your PC without installing any additional software.

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