The Future of Mobile Phones and Tablets is in the cloud

As our technology evolves, some things are beginning to take on a life of their own. We already know the Internet population has doubled in the last 5 years to 2.27 billion. Just 5 years ago it stood solid at 1.15  billion. Already 11% of adults own a tablet of some sort, and 77% of them use them daily. Almost half of us (47%) now own a smart phone and 80% of us own a mobile phone. There are 91.4 million smartphones in the USA alone. Android has the highest market share with 46.9% – iPhone has 28.7%.

Who remembers Star Trek and watching Star Trek’s LT Uhura with that huge ear piece talking to someone, or the infamous “Beam me up Scotty” spoken into their hand-held communicator. What about Spock or Bone’s Tri-Corder taking readings of a plant, person or thing? I think we can safely say – we have arrived.

Why am I mentioning all this, am I taking a walk down memory lane? Surprisingly enough, that answer is – NO.

Today – we are moving closer and closer to the realization that those fictional TV shows and movies are not too far from the truth, at least in part. I think those shows drove our ambitions, wants and desires to mimic what we were seeing. Let’s face it, it was pretty cool.

Computer chips, and subsequent computers have gotten smaller, faster and can hold more data. Wireless technology has evolved enough to allow us to communicate from almost anyway, within reason. And with cloud technology now we can safely store, access and share huge amounts of data on the fly. Live – if you will. We can collect and compile, sort and disseminate data to anyone we want, when we want and how we want. It does not matter what you use to view it, a smart phone, tablet, notebook, or computer. You will be able to use the data when you need it.

Now that we have achieved this – now what? I think our future now lies in our applications. The software programs we use to collect, access and use this data. The cloud is driving this movement with new ability. The capabilities are endless, or at least far-reaching. Just as Star Trek used the technology, so shall we. Everyday I am asked if the cloud is right for a certain vertical market. So far – I have not seen any resistance.

The biggest issues left to work on reside on security, and this I must say really resides with your chosen developer. The latest Cybercrime report shows that 54% of data breaches are from the software application itself, 34% are from backdoors and control panels (still the developer is to blame here too). This leaves just 12% to spread out over the hardware, network and cloud infrastructure.

The future of mobile phones and tablets is in the cloud. It’s not about providers anymore. It’s not about the features of the device. It will be about these devices becoming the primary computer of everyday’s life.

My recommendation to you is to investigate your software before you use it. Check out the developers. As mentioned above, 88% of your issues will stem from your developer. If you outsource to an overseas development organization – then you really have no recourse either. Most counties do not recognize or honor our legal system, so if you have to venture down that path, keep this in mind.

If you would like, we provide a Free Technical Assessment, this can be beneficial to new and startup companies that are not sure where to start.

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