Google faces backlash on release of new product

So it Google at it again? Just two days into their launch of Google Drive, an online cloud storage solutions (that competes with our own product).  Google is already facing suspicion as it tries to persuade people to entrust their personal documents, photos and other digital content to the company’s new online storage service.

If you know Google, two things come to mind. Number one – they want to own everything you put on or in the products and can use the data for whatever purposes they see fit. Secondly – No support. Whereas Googles does provide online documentation and forums, you are on your own when you try to figure something out, or need just a little more information on the subject. Basically – their support is what I call Wal-Mart service. You walk into the store looking for the shoe department, you cannot find it, so you look for a sales associate to assist you and you cannot even find one of them. There’s a handwritten sign on a post that states the shoe department is in the back. Good Luck!

So before Tuesday was over, blogs, news articles and twitter were picking apart a legal clause that made it sound as if all the users’ content stored in Google Drive automatically would become the intellectual property of Google Inc.

But – that is probably not the case.

Goggle is back peddling now stating the way that they keep documents in its data centers requires the company to obtain a license to “host, store (and) reproduce” the files. “Our terms of service enable us to give you the services you want — so if you decide to share a document with someone, or open it on a different device, you can,” Google said in a Wednesday statement.

As I have always advised: When searching for a cloud provider make sure to do you homework and actually read the providers terms and conditions. (I will discuss this as a future topic in the coming weeks). There are differences.

Do you have any thoughts on this? Have you had any experience with Google, or other providers that you would be willing to share your story. Please comment below.

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