Best Practices for making the move to the Cloud (conclusion)

Moving to the cloudIn this second and final part of our best practices of moving to the cloud we will examine what you should do prior to making your move. First just a quick recap.

It seems that more and more companies are to the point where they are ready to embrace the cloud or at least start testing certain aspects of their business and data in the cloud. As previously mentioned there is a high probability that you personally are already using the cloud. If you use Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, MySpace, SalesForce, you my friend are already in the cloud. Therefore, organizations are no longer doubting the suitability of the Cloud, but rather having to make some big decisions about which Cloud vendor to use and how to get there.

One of the things we’ve talked about in our Cloud Computing 101 series is how Cloud Computing allows organizations to shift technology responsibilities to cloud providers, which in turn allows organizations can get a level of IT that they simply wouldn’t have been able to achieve previously.

More and more than organization are having to perform a thorough due diligence and really assess the quality of prospective vendors.

So here’s a very quick checklist of things that organizations should be aware of or think about when moving to the Cloud;

– Have a process for deciding which applications or workloads are candidates for Cloud

– Think about service requirements in terms of security, compliance and performance

– Consider issues around migrating existing workloads

– Think about the economic factors – what to do about existing costs

– Accurately think about the potential demand curve to assess the economic impacts of a move to the Cloud

– Consider issues relating to vendor lock-in

– Make sure any prospective vendor is sufficiently flexible to meet your needs

– Think about the changing scope of needs within your IT department

– Consider the management challenges that the move might introduce – things like dealing with objections and employee retraining

While we believe that the Cloud is the way of the future for IT, we are adamant that organizations need to think long and hard about what the move to the Cloud and how that move occurs.

If you would like, we provide a Free Technical Assessment, this can be beneficial to new and startup companies that are not sure where to start.

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